How can I help?

It's so easy! You only have to do a postcard with a message for the survivors of the disaster in Japan and send it like an image to
Your picture will be posted on this blog, then we will translate thetext and send the postcards to Japan to be with our Japanese friends at this difficult situation.
Besides all that we earn with the sale of advertising space will also be donated to Japan!

Monday, March 28, 2011

52º postcard

From Geraldine Flores, Argentina.

51º postcard

From Ana Ugarte, Argentina.

Friday, March 18, 2011

43º Postcard

From Sara Brenes, 83 years old, Costa Rica.

42º postcard

By Nidya Leandro, Costa Rica.

41º postcard

From Che Abel.

40º postcard

From Chen Abel.

39º Postcard

From Paula Salguero.

38º postcard

From Hikari Hime.

37º postcard

From Nancy, Argentina.

36º postcard

From Eva, Galicia, Spain.

35º postcard

From Sara Sansone.

34º Postcard

By Atilio, Norma and Andrés, from Mendoza, Argentina.

33º postcard

From Mónica Navarro, Costa Rica.

32º postcard

From Wendy, Mexico.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

31º postcard

From Sofía Ortega, Argentina.

30º postcard

From Eliana Matti, Bs. As., Argentina.

29º postcard

From Sara.

28º postcard

From Beatriz Catalayud, Spain.

27º postcard

From Kela Baquedano, Spain.

26º postcard

From Paula Salguero, Spain.

25º postcard

From Verenice, 6 year old, Argentina.

24º postcard

From Leonardo Fernandez, Spain.

23º postcard

From Fernando Zamorano Arrizabalga.

22º postcard

From Estefania Villar, Spain.

21º postcard

From Kevin Abadía, Spain.

20º postcard

From Kevin Abadía, Spain.

19º postcard

From Kevin Abadía, Spain.

18º postcard

From Veronica Nuñez Fernandez, Spain. Special tanks for her.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

17º postcard

From Ashanti Anasai Gaytán Rodríguez, Mexico.

16º Postcard

From Isthar Itzel Espinoza Rodríguez, México

15º postcard

By Frank Rubén Monasterio Thompson (フランク剣), Venezuela

14º postcard

From Antonio Martinez

13º Postcard

By Kassiel Katamina Itzel, Spain

12º Postcard

From Antonio Soria, Spain.

11º Postcard

By Xènia d'Armengol, Spain.

10º Postcard

From Federico Planes, Argentina.

9º postcard

From Esteve Pérez, Spain.

8º postcard

By Giselle Cardozo E., Paraguay.

7º postcard

From Jonathan Roura, Art Direction of DORISTUDIO, and all of it's staff, Spain.

6º postcard

Rosa, from Spain.

5º postcard


4º postcard

Karla Sanchez, from Mexico.

3º postcard

Isabel, from Hong Kong.